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Get After It

We continue to be convinced that there’s no replacement for hard work and no room for shortcuts on the path to accomplishing goals in business and in life.  It really comes down to a daily commitment of giving it everything you’ve got.

Content We Liked


Report: An Updated Framework for Securities Regulation of Cryptocurrencies
Coin Center
August 10, 2018

An update to a report originally published in 2016 presenting a framework for securities regulation of cryptocurrencies.


Podcast: Ryan Selkis (Messari)
August 9, 2018

Ryan Selkis (Founder @ Messari) talks about bringing transparency and self-regulation to the blockchain industry.


Interview: Katrina Lake (Stitch Fix)
August 9, 2018

Katrina Lake (Founder @ Stitch Fix) talks about defying the odds to build a $3 billion business.

Content We Created

Blog Post

Infographic: Employee Offer Letters - Key Considerations For Employers
Scannavino Law LLP
August 11, 2018

This post provides some key considerations for employers with respect to employee offer letters.

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About our Newsletter

We decided to launch a weekly newsletter with the simple goal of cultivating community.  Our newsletter covers (1) content relating to the startup industry that we liked from the previous week, giving you something to read, listen to, and watch; (2) content we created during the previous week, keeping you up to date on news and insight from our team; and (3) events and activities we plan to host or attend in the upcoming week, providing our community of clients, partners, and friends an opportunity to share, support, and connect with each other.

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