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Value Add

We're big believers of doing whatever we can to add value to our clients beyond the legal work.  We do this by monitoring the industries in which our clients operate and sending along articles or data or other information that we think could be useful.  We also do this by making connections within our network, covering investment, deal sourcing, strategic partners, accounting, tax, finance, banking, tech development, video production, graphic design, branding, marketing, PR, recruiting, and more.  In this way, we see ourselves as playing a valuable role on our client's team. 

Content We Liked


Blog Post: Introducing a16z crypto
a16z crypto
June 25, 2018

Chris Dixon (VC @ Andreessen Horowitz) announces the launch of a16z crypto, a $300M venture fund that will invest in crypto companies and protocols.


Podcast: Max Motschwiller (VC @ Meritech Capital)
The Twenty Minute VC
June 25, 2018

Max Motschwiller (VC @ Meritech Capital) talks about traits of a good VC and how to build a strong network.


Panel: Athlete to Entrepreneur
Hashtag Sports
June 27, 2018

Ryan Howard (former MLB player and current VC @ SeventySix Capital) talks at the recent Hashtag Sports conference about how athletes can work with innovative companies and entrepreneurs.

Content We Created

Blog Post

Infographic: Advisory Board Agreements - Key Considerations
Scannavino Law LLP
June 30, 2018

This infographic provides six key considerations with respect to startup advisory board agreements.

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Wishing everyone a Happy Fourth of July!

About our Newsletter

We decided to launch a weekly newsletter with the simple goal of cultivating community.  Our newsletter covers (1) content relating to the startup industry that we liked from the previous week, giving you something to read, listen to, and watch; (2) content we created during the previous week, keeping you up to date on news and insight from our team; and (3) events and activities we plan to host or attend in the upcoming week, providing our community of clients, partners, and friends an opportunity to share, support, and connect with each other.

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