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Let's Move

Find yourself attending networking events after work, drinking one too many beers, and struggling to find time to incorporate fitness into your busy schedule?  Need a meaningful, healthy way to network within the startup community?  Us too.  So we created Startup Fit Club, a fitness club for the startup community.  Go to the website, sign up, and watch out for the emails.  

Content We Liked


Research Brief: 8 Trends Shaping The Future Of Blockchain Technology
CB Insights
May 8, 2018

A look into the evolving blockchain industry surrounding ICOs, venture activity, and corporate activity.


Podcast: Stripe: Patrick and John Collison
How I Built This
May 7, 2018

The founders of online payment processor Stripe talk about turning seven lines of code into a $9 billion business.


Debate: Will Crypto Flourish or Fail
Fluidity Summit
May 10, 2018

Skip to 3:10:00 to watch Joe Lubin (co-founder @ Ethereum & founder @ ConsenSys) and Nouriel Roubini (economist & NYU professor) debate the future of crypto at the Fluidity Summit.

Content We Created

Blog Post

SEC Alert - SEC Commissioner Discusses ICO Regulation
Scannavino Law LLP
May 13, 2018

This post provides key takeaways from the recent remarks by an SEC Commissioner on how regulators should go about regulating the ICO market.

Where We'll Be This Week

Blockchain Event

Friday, May 18, 2018

@ The Theater Center
210 W 50th Street
Buy Tickets

Blockchain & Law: Morning Symposium, hosted by Blockmatics as part of Blockchain Week.  Use the code "Blockmatics15" for 15% off any of Blockmatics' upcoming events.


You'll need to sign up online at the links provided for ticketed events.  Attendance is at your own cost and subject to limited availability.  No need to RSVP to us for any of these events, but let us know if you'd like to be kept in the loop on any last-minute scheduling changes.  Also, keep in mind that these events are not firm-hosted or sponsored events, so we have no control over availability, pricing or any other matters associated with these events.  This is just our attempt at cultivating community by giving us all a chance to connect outside of the office.

About our Newsletter

We decided to launch a weekly newsletter with the simple goal of cultivating community.  Our newsletter covers (1) content relating to the startup industry that we liked from the previous week, giving you something to read, listen to, and watch; (2) content we created during the previous week, keeping you up to date on news and insight from our team; and (3) events and activities we plan to host or attend in the upcoming week, providing our community of clients, partners, and friends an opportunity to share, support, and connect with each other.

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