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Deal Work

We've worked hard over the years to build up our experience to where it is today.  This past week we posted on our website a list of deals we've worked on as a reflection of our experience.  Head on over to our website to see the list.

Content We Liked


Blog Post: Jeff Bezos' guide to life
November 5, 2017

A collection of takeaways from a recent interview with Amazon's CEO, including tips on inspiration, work-life balance, multi-tasking, and how to be an inventor.


Podcast: Chris Burniske - How to Value a Cryptoasset
Invest Like The Best
November 6, 2017

Notable crypto analyst Chris Burniske discusses new frameworks for evaluating and valuing cryptocurrencies and tokens.  Listen in for a healthy dose of crypto economics.


Webinar: The Smarter Store: How AI is Powering the Future of Retail
CB Insights
November 9, 2017

If you're wondering what the future of retail has in store (high fives all around for that pun), check out this webinar on how AI is changing the retail experience.

Content We Created

Blog Post

Proposed GOP Tax Bill Could Drastically Affect the Treatment of Stock Options
November 10, 2017

The current version of the House GOP tax bill, which was first introduced last week, proposes two big changes to the treatment of stock options, one that will likely be viewed positively by the startup community and one that will not.

Blog Post

SEC Warns About Celebrity Endorsements of ICOs
November 12, 2017

With the recent surge in celebrity endorsements of ICOs, the SEC issued a statement warning that these endorsements may violate the anti-touting provisions of federal securities laws.

Where We'll Be This Week

Blockchain Event

Monday, November 13, 2017
@ Galvanize
315 Hudson Street
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Panel discussion on Segwit2x and the launch of Bitcoin futures, hosted by Blockmatics.  The team at Blockmatics comped us a handful of tickets, so reach out to us if you'd like to attend.

Startup Event

Wednesday, November 15, 2017
@ Bloomingdale's SoHo
504 Broadway, Second Floor
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Panel discussion on fitness and focus.  Panelists include Alexandra Bonetti of Bari Studio, Olivia Young of Box + Flow, Colin Darretta of Wellpath, Billie Whitehouse of WearableX, and Nate Checketts of Rhone.

Blockchain Event

Thursday, November 16, 2017
@ Galvanize
315 Hudson Street
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Networking event and discussion on the topic of blockchain and how it is creating a new wave of crowdfunding and startup investments, hosted by LOOMIA and Microsoft.

Open Office Hours

Friday, November 17, 2017
Hub seventeen by lululemon
114 5th Avenue
(underground in lululemon’s Flatiron store)

We're taking our laptops to lululemon's community space to work for a few hours and offer a chance to connect in an informal work setting.  Think of it as open office hours for you to come by and chat about law, startups, crypto, wellness, etc.  It'll also give you an excuse to buy some great workout gear.

Pilates Reformer Class

Saturday, November 18, 2017
New York Pilates
25 Howard Street (SoHo studio)
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In this not-your-typical Pilates class called "Burnout," Nick's wife Kai-Ting Yang will be putting us through an intermediate, fast-paced reformer class focused on total body burn.  Prepare to plank and sweat more than you ever have in a Pilates class.  And don't let Kai-Ting's sweet spirit fool you – her sessions pack a serious punch.


You'll need to sign up online at the links provided for ticketed events.  Attendance is at your own cost and subject to limited availability.  No need to RSVP to us for any of these events, but let us know if you'd like to be kept in the loop on any last-minute scheduling changes.  Also, keep in mind that these events are not firm-hosted or sponsored events, so we have no control over availability, pricing or any other matters associated with these events.  Again, this is just our attempt at cultivating community by giving us all a chance to connect outside of the office.

We welcome your feedback (good or bad) as we build out our newsletter.  Let us know what you did/didn't like and what other content you would find useful.

Nick Scannavino and David Lamb

About our Newsletter

We decided to launch a weekly newsletter with the simple goal of cultivating community.  Our newsletter will initially cover (1) content relating to the startup industry that we liked from the previous week, giving you something to read, listen to, and watch; (2) content we recently created, keeping you up to date on news and insight from our team; and (3) events and activities we plan to host or attend in the upcoming week, providing our community of clients, partners, and friends an opportunity to share, support, and connect with each other.